Article 12

What the Guidance says

Where a dangerous substance is present on premises, the responsible person must
ensure that risk related to the presence of the substance is either eliminated or reduced
so far as is reasonably practical, doing so by replacing the dangerous substance or its
use with something else that reduces the risk. Where this is not reasonably practical,
the responsible person must, as far as is reasonably practical, apply measures consistent
with the risk assessment and appropriate to the nature of the activity, in order to
control the risk and mitigate the detrimental effects of a fire.
Enforcing authorities are reminded that the coverage of the Order, including this article,
is general fire precautions (as defined) required due to the presence of a dangerous
substance. This does not extend to special technical and organisational measures
related to the reduction of risk from work processes which are dealt with under health
and safety legislation, enforced by the HSE.