Fire Service Treatment of Suspects Must Improve






I appreciate that investigating fire officers are not police officers, and that the investigation of potential criminal offences is not the reason why people join the fire service. Nevertheless, once a role in a fire safety or fire protection Department is accepted, the enforcement of the Fire Safety Order, and the investigation of potential criminal offences is likely to be part of the job at some stage. Read More.

Number One Influencer?

Warren Spencer has been named in the IFSEC Global “Top Influencers in Fire and Security” list for 2018, being ranked number one in the Fire – industry professionals or thought leaders category. Read more

10 Things Employers Might Not Know About Fire Safety Regulations

Every employer should be mindful of their fire risk management responsibilities, but here are 10 situations which employers may not be aware of. Read more

Due Diligence and the Fire Safety Order

There are a number of potential offences contained within the Fire Safety Order (FSO), but there is only one prescribed defence available, and that is the defence of due diligence contained within article 33. Read More

The purpose of this website is to bring together all of the important documents, guidance and commentary relating to the very niche area of fire safety law. The majority of legislation relating to fire safety is contained in the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (the Fire Safety Order) which came into effect on 1 October, 2006. Most areas of law can be interpreted with the assistance of textbooks and precedents, but most of the case law involving cases brought under the Fire Safety Order relate to sentencing, and the author of this website is not aware of any textbooks which deal with this subject with sufficient detail. There are, however, numerous helpful guidance documents relating to the enforcement and interpretation of the Fire Safety Order, and this website attempts to place those documents in context and within easy reach of those seeking out the necessary information. Tel: 01253 629300 – Email: