The most recent case of R v Takhar, a case where a 61 year old Defendant had pleaded guilty to multiple breaches of the FSO, had received concurrent sentences (served at the same time – ie 6 months in total) of 6 months imprisonment which were appropriate as the Defendant was in poor health and presented a low re-offending risk, and there had been a substantial delay in bringing the case against him. The Appeal Court upheld his appeal against sentence of 12 months imprisonment after a series of fire safety breaches were found at his hotel. It was correct to find that the custodial threshold had been crossed but the Court of Appeal found that the immediate custodial sentence imposed upon the Defendant was as much a deterrent as the actual length of imprisonment and that taking account of his age, poor health and inability to engage in a hotel or any similar business in the future presented a low re-offending risk and his sentence was reduced to 6 months imprisonment.